About Us


A native of Naples Italy, Blandi's fate as a stylist was sealed when he was born into a family of hair care professionals. Growing up surrounded by scissors, blow-dryers, and round bristle brushes (his father was a stylist and salon owner), Blandi's experience turning ordinary hair into stylish locks started at an early age. His passion for learning and his admiration for stylists like his father and the legendary Vidal Sassoon sent him on a mission to further develop his styling skills by working at local salons and eventually enrolling in art school. For more than 25 years, Blandi was a spokes person for L’Oreal and served as creative director for Frederic Fekkai.


Blandi Products is the namesake line of prestige haircare products created by the globally-renowned celebrity hair stylist, Oscar Blandi.

The collection stays true to Oscar’s Italian roots creating luxurious and nourishing products that combine the finest quality natural ingredients with the ultimate in performance and innovation.

Oscar’s desire is to give his consumers innovative products that recreate his salon experience at home and give them the tools to address everyday hair concerns, easily and effortlessly.

The result is gorgeous, sophisticated hair that makes them feel beautiful inside and out.


“Gorgeous in no time…Share my passion for extraordinary hair care. Effortless…divinely fragrant…pure and nourishing. You will love your hair like never before.”
– Oscar Blandi